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28th March 2007
Hong Kong Northwest has caimed Buoy M32!

26th Feb 2007
David Newbery will be speaking to the Bayview Rotary Club on 7th March, the Rotary Club of HK South on 12th April and the Rotary Club of Causeway Bay on 23rd March regarding this project.

26th Feb 2007
Causeway Bay is the first club to have pledged to finance a buoy!

Project Introduction

Download the full brief on the project (PDF format)

Buoy Project Introduction 項目介紹

1. Hong Kong has more types of coral in its waters than the Caribbean – 87 at present, with more to be discovered.

香港擁有的珊瑚品種比加勒比海更多,目前有 87 種,將會發現更多。

2. The coral in HK is extremely interesting scientifically. Because of its geographical location and the variable climate, HK coral has developed resistance to naturally-occurring changes in water temperature, salinity and turbidity which would kill coral in many other areas. As global warming takes a hold, the coral in HK waters may well become significantly more important, as coral in other areas, such as the Great Barrier Reef, die as a result of a rise in water temperature.

香港的珊瑚極具科研趣味。由於地理位置和變化的氣候, 香港對珊瑚生長顯得重要。 其他地域因水溫、鹽度、 懸浮物的改變把珊瑚殺死,由於


3. The areas of coral provide an environment to countless types of other sea creatures.


4. As well as a resource for scientific research, the corals of HK are an invaluable resource for tourism, both internal and external – already about 15 commercial dive boats take recreational divers to see the coral areas.

香港的珊瑚礁除了是科研資源外,也是境內、外旅客的一個具價值的景點。目前有 15 艘觀光船提供珊瑚觀賞活動。

5. The coral in HK is under threat from several areas:

  • Pollution
  • Global warming
  • Trawling and other types of fishing
  • Anchor damage

香港的珊瑚礁正面臨以下 威脅﹕

  • 污染
  • 全球暖化
  • 拖網及其他捕魚方法
  • 船錨造成的損害

6. Anchor damage affects up to 15% of some coral areas and is caused by:

  • Commercial diving boats, which need to position themselves over where the divers are operating
  • Pleasure vessels, which may or may not know that they are mooring in a coral area
  • Scientific vessels
  • Fishing vessels – legal and illegal

船錨造成的損害在一些珊瑚海域達到 15% ,其原因﹕

  • 商業潛水船隻需要在作業海面用船錨固定位置
  • 休閒船隻知道或不知道下錨的地方是珊瑚礁
  • 科研船隻
  • 合法或非法捕魚

7. Corals grow very slowly and some of the corals being damaged, sometimes irreparably, are hundreds of years old.


8. The solution proposed for the elimination of anchor damage to corals in HK waters is the positioning of 38 mooring buoys over all of the significant coral areas.

建議安裝 38 個停泊浮標在香港具標誌性的珊瑚海域以防止船錨對珊瑚造成損害。

9. The buoys will provide an environmentally-friendly way for boats to anchor in coral areas and will have the further function of marking the areas as being home to sensitive coral communities.

浮標提供一個環保 – 友好的方式供珊瑚海域內的船隻停靠,同時也可作為具科研功能的珊瑚基地。

10. Within a short time, literally thousands of people will be on boats using these anchors, will see the Rotary logo and be made aware that Rotary cares for the environment.


11. The project will be the first of its kind for Rotary and already we are seeing interest from Rotary Clubs in other areas, who may well start up similar schemes. District 3450 is “leading the way”.

浮標項目是扶輪首個同類大型海上服務項目,已引起部分其他地域扶輪社的興趣並將推行近似的計劃。 3450 地區真正是“帶頭前進”。

12. The buoys are anchored using helix anchors, which have a small footprint on the sea bed, are long-lasting and can be positioned extremely accurately.

浮標採用 螺旋形海錨,佔海床面積極小,長期固定,定位精確。

13. The use of, cheaper, concrete blocks as anchor points is not suitable as they have a large footprint, are difficult to position precisely and tend to move if large boats are moored to them, which will cause damage to the corals.


14. Last year, 4 such buoys were positioned in Hoi Ha Wan and anchor damage has been all but eliminated.


15. The sites for the anchors have been drawn up in conjunction with the AFCD and permission has been granted by the Marine Department for the positioning of buoys in areas outside the Marine Parks and Reserves, which are controlled by AFCD.

「扶輪浮標保育計劃」伙拍漁農自然護理署,並得到海事處批准在海下灣海洋公園保育範圍之外選址安裝 螺旋形海錨。

16. The Government does not have the necessary infrastructure and legislation to provide this type of buoy.


17. The cost of each buoy is HK$18,000, which includes a 5-year maintenance contract. After 5 years, the plastic buoys and mooring ropes will need replacing, at a cost of a few hundred dollars – the anchors are the expensive parts and will last almost indefinitely.


18. The anchors will be provided and installed by Oceanway Corporation at cost price.

螺旋形海錨由 Oceanway Corporation 以成本價提供及安裝。

19. We have permission from the Marine Department to paint the Rotary logo onto each mooring buoy, which will also carry the name of the Rotary Club sponsoring the buoy.


20. As clubs sign up to participate in the project, they will be able to choose the spot for their buoy from the map on the Rotary District website.

參與 「扶輪浮標保育計劃」的扶輪社可在海圖上選取指定浮標位置。海圖現已上載至地區網頁﹕

21. To get more information on the project, please browse the Rotary District website or contact David NEWBERY at who will be more than pleased to give a presentation to your club. We can arrange a presentation in Cantonese, if required.

更多 「扶輪浮標保育計劃」的資料可溜覽地區網頁﹕

或聯絡 David NEWBERY at ; David NEWBERY 非常樂意到貴社介紹這個有意義的項目,也可提供粵語介紹。

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