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The dinner meeting of RC of Central on 14 Jan 2015 Wed

RC of Central

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RC Peninsula Sunrise welcomes Winky Barsin and Allison Fung

Welcome Ms. Allison

Welcome Ms. Allison


Welcome Rtn. Winky

Welcome Rtn. Winky

Octopus Card / Organ Donation Update

Dear Presidents and District Leaders, Rotary Octopus card poster

At the recent JPM and DMC meetings, I have informed you of the latest developments regarding promotion of organ donation in the community and that the third batch of Rotary Octopus Cards will be available for sale at 6 designated Tom Lee outlets starting from 23 October 2013.

In this connection, I am pleased to attach the following references which I hope you will share with your members and friends:

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Rotary Octopus card poster 今日,醫學雖然不斷進歩,但器官衰竭的病人,並不能靠一般的醫療程序得以痊癒,他們只能靠藥物和機器,在痛苦中掙扎求存,與此同時,他們的家庭亦承受著沈重的壓力。在這種情況下,器官移植可能為他們帶來一線龧光及唯一的生存希望. 他們正期待著善心人士在死後把器官捐出,使他們重獲新生。但根據國際的數字統計,香港雖然是一個富足的社會、一個世界級的大都會,但在器官捐贈方面郤遠遠落後於歐美國家以至亞洲的鄰邦。這與我們對器官捐贈的意識相對薄弱,與及離世者的家人持反對意見有著莫大的關係,我們在這方面存在很大的進步空間。

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DG speech – Organ Donation kick off 1 Jun 2013

Dear friends
Hello everyone

On behalf of Rotary International District 3450 sincerely grateful to all members on a Saturday afternoon, one belonging to rest and with family, friends joining together this afternoon to attend the Rotary International District 3450 ” Support Organ donation ” launching ceremony.

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Welcoming New Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Amizade, Macau

Dear MAD Presidents and District Leaders,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to inform you that a new Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Amizade, Macau, has been admitted to membership in Rotary International.  The  formal handing over of the chartering certificate to  this new club will take place at the coming District Conference.

Please join me in extending our warmest congratulations to CP David Ho and all members of the Rotary Club of Amizade and welcoming their new club to District 3450.  I am also most pleased that IPAG Santos Chu would be  the DG Representative to help in promoting the development and growth of this new club.

Yours in Rotary

Kenneth Wong

Governor 2012-13
District 3450
Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia

Photos from Rotary Youth Sing For Peace Concert

The Rotary Youth Sing For Peace Concert was held on 23 March 2013. We have several great photos from the concert available for viewing.

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Rotary’s Friend App

Rotary Friend AppThe Rotary Friend app created by Rotary International District 3450 present Rotary Club
info & services offered by Rotary Clubs in Hong Kong, Macao & Mongolia.

This app presents information on Rotary Clubs & services offered by the Rotary
Clubs using the elegant & engaging layout of iPad. The interactive & intuitive layout
encourages people to share & forward content they find interesting to others. Users of
this iPad app can share the following information with others by a simple single click on
in their Facebook.

– Rotary District 3450 Info
– Club List and Club Info
– District Projects
– Club Projects
– Call for Paper Awards
– District events & activities
– Club events & activities, & etc

Rotary's Friend - PLAY More Limited

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