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RI Launches New Rotary Centennial Web Site
1st May 2003

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Rotary International kicked off the countdown to its 100th anniversary celebration in 2005 with the launch of a new Web site:


The Rotary Centennial Web site is an online celebration of Rotary’s first hundred years and next century of success. RI launched the site Friday 21 February, in commemoration of the organization’s 98th anniversary the following Sunday.

“The Web site highlights Rotary’s past achievements, present initiatives, and future goals,” said Sherry Bondi, Web site manager at RI. “It will be a
valuable resource for Rotary clubs and districts around the world as they begin to plan their own centennial celebrations.”

Visitors to the site are invited to learn about Rotary’s history through an interactive timeline, share Rotary stories with each other, and send electronic greeting cards with historic images to family and friends. They can also purchase Rotary history books and other items, view a countdown clock, and much more. “New content will be added to the site as the centennial draws closer,” Bondi said.

The site, which incorporates information from previously published Web pages with new content and colorful graphics, features four main sections:

* “Activities” includes tips on ways Rotary clubs can plan and celebrate the centennial, as well as information on Centennial Community Projects, the Rotary Centennial Twin Clubs Program, the poster contest, and the Centennial Bell, which will travel to the first 100 Rotary clubs during the next two years.

* In the section called “A Look Back,” visitors can explore Rotary’s rich history by viewing an interactive timeline that highlights many of Rotary’s past achievements and read an exclusive online feature article about the colorful past of the Rotary wheel. Visitors will also be able to share and read their own Rotary stories here.

* The site’s “Newsroom” provides Rotarians with sample press releases and information from a public relations kit to help promote the centennial in their communities.

* Visitors to “Resources” will be able to download the centennial logo and other materials, purchase history items from the RI Catalog, and learn how to create customized Rotary Centennial merchandise.

The Rotary Centennial Web page is best viewed with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Download the latest versions for free at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp for Internet Explorer and http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/download.jsp for Netscape.

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