You  need to be proposed by a member of a Rotary Club Get in contact with a Club near you, check the Club list and contact the Secretary. They wil put you in touch with someone who should be able to assist you.
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Why Rotary? Why Rotary? Presented by Rotary District 6780 Published on Dec 28, 2013 This ‘Why Rotary’ video is designed to capture the essence of Rotary, promote awareness of Rotary and to be used for a prospect who wants to know more about Rotary. Share it with your friends and potential members.
New Members Roster If you are a Club Officer who has inducted a new member, click here to add them to the list. New Members: You can re-order the list below by clicking on the heading: Rotary Club: Last Name: First Name: Chinese Name: Classification: Induction Date: Remarks: Posted By: Ulaanbaatar tsevel otgontungalag     […]


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